is an Photographic Agency daughter of MONITORE NAPOLETANO whose purpose is to observe and tell the world in a click, freezing the moment in history forever.

MagnaPicture tries to combine in the name of the glorious past of Ancient Greece and the modern terminology, such as film and digital, today we practically used tool.

Being a subsidiary of the MONITOR NAPOLETANO, the MagnaPicture photographers have no creative restrictions or of service in a single newspaper, and are therefore more free to express themselves with greater freedom and creativity.

Many of the photo MagnaPicture are part of the iconographic heritage of the MONITORE NAPOLETANO, but many others, being all properties shots of the authors, make the various archives from the point of view of the subject and long from a historical point of view (starting from 1972) .

Since 2017, under the banner of the MONITOR NAPOLETANO, the MagnaPicture Photographers participating in the World Press Photo, the most important competition of photojournalism worldwide


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